Wha’s Happin’in’ by Sis Frank

There are some very dedicated people on this island who work very hard to keep everything going. You may not hear about their efforts on a daily basis, but I am aware of their determination.

JESS Gala Thank Yous
The JESS Gala raises funds each year to improve the learning atmosphere at our Cruz Bay public school. We must say a big thank you to Chris Angel of Angel Electric, Dave Carlson of Carlson Construction and their crews for the improvements, completed during the summer, made at the home economics lab. There are new cabinets and new equipment installed, with discounts given or donated labor. Avelino Samuel has brand new computers, as does Debby Ledansky. Terri Pishko deserves a halo for coordinating these activities with Principal Mario Francis. When Terri had to leave island, her husband, Chuck, took over (another halo).

Clemeamena Duncan is always a great help as they keep the momentum going.

Sprauve School will be organizing the gala this year — January 13, 2007 — Mr. Francis and many dedicated workers are ahead of schedule in order to make it the best gala ever. It will be a memorable evening at Caneel Bay, as usual.

Creative Mandy Taylor
One of our most artistic ladies is Mandy Taylor, manicurist extraordinaire at the Grapevine Salon at The Marketplace. She has created lovely hand-knit and crocheted blankets and throws, but her latest venture is handmade greeting cards. They are funny, colorful and something you want to send to a friend. See them at The Grapevine Salon.

Gym in Paradise is not only good for the body, but the atmosphere makes you feel like a whole new person. I missed my sessions with Jude this summer — I dragged myself in for a short half-hour and left feeling on top of the world. Try it — the laughs and dance music are worth the stretches.

Nest is another wonderful shop at The Marketplace. Everything is exciting, different and in good taste, from bed sheets to cards, to picture frames, to silverware, to dishes, nightgowns, pillows and on and on. Missy knows what appeals to everyone.

Weekend Tennis
Pat Harley is following in her father’s footsteps. Over the years, Vic Ebbessen has taught the great game of tennis to hundreds of young people. Pat is renewing this program at our local court each weekend. Check with her on ages and times. Thanks, Pat, we need more stars from St. John. And a big happy 25th wedding anniversary to you and our administrator, Julien.

Mysterious Missing Photos
Help me solve a mystery, please. Some photos of mine were picked up by mistake at Cruz Bay Photo. We believe that a resident of Coral Bay has them, but no one knows her name. Please call Cruz Bay Photo if you know anything about this mystery.