Wha’s Happ’nin’

by Sis Frank 

“Miss Lucy” Smith-Prince Passes Away

She was known over the years as the first lady taxi driver and recently as the proprietor of “Miss Lucy’s,” Coral Bay’s famous restaurant by the sea. With her cow horns full of flowers on her taxi and a hibiscus in her hair, she welcomed hundreds of guests to the island. Old-time returning guests at Caneel Bay were eager to renew their friendship with her as they took their yearly tours.

Our deepest sympathy to her family and many friends.

“Baked in the Sun” Adds to Wall Display
East-ender Eric Zucker is a gifted photographer who lived on St. Thomas for many years — when you’re enjoying the luscious baked goods, don’t miss his beautiful photos.

Slimman’s Parking Lot Paved
If it’s possible to beautify a parking area, Slimman has done it! I expect that he will add pots of flowers to top it off!

Exciting New Publication, St. John Magazine,
On Newsstands Next Month

MaLinda Nelson’s creation is stunning (I took a peek). What a beautiful collection of life-on-the-island stories with outstanding photographs! The perfect Christmas gift.

Basketball Court Trimmed
Yes, the grass is cut, the flamboyant tree chopped around the edges, but the graffiti stays and the messy corner is jammed with huge pieces of plastic that look like a tunnel. The Penns do a better job of trying to clean up and keep ahead of the trash at the drop-off.

There have been several private donations given in past years just to improve the playing surface.
Why isn’t it possible to keep it in good condition for the young people and for the Saturday morning athletes?