Wha’s Happ’nin’

by Sis Frank

Cristina and Joe End Their Nomadic Life
Those creative nomads, the Kesslers, will for the first time move into their own home! Can you believe that they can adjust to home ownership after years and years of caves, tents, rentals and maybe even the back seat of a car?

Cristina is winning awards right and left for her children’s books, and soon will publish her first adult novel.

They have just returned from the states with good reports from Joe’s latest surgery. Congrats!

Great Excitement at Marketplace
Those of us who have watched the creation of this marvelous building are counting the days til the Starfish Gourmet store opens. The horrors of putting it all together keep everyone on their toes. The manager tells me that there will be over 280 different wines offered! Is that enough?

Sprauve Library Needs Its Renovation Soon
This lovely old building has been allowed to deteriorate until it is almost beyond repair. It is disgraceful to see the rundown condition of a community institution that gives so much to children and adults alike. There is an appealing exhibition there now of Caroline Rogers’ undersea photos, all in glorious colors. Adults read to groups of children weekly and authors lead discussions about their most recent publications.

Don’t you feel that it indicates something lacking in our government’s approach toward making our community proud of its historic buildings? I remember the ceremonies when the building was reopened and dedicated to the memory of Elaine Ione Sprauve, an outstanding leader in the development of St. John. Lena Blake and I were responsible for the decorations.

Now, you open the back door and what do you see? Sirenusa stretching across the hillside. How quickly we forget our past.
Congratulations to Rotary Honorees

Joycelyn Stagger and “A.J.” Johnson are to be thanked for their dedication to the vocational needs in our school system and the thousands of gallons of water donated to community events. Here are two St. Johnians who really care.

Margo Diaz Returns To Sing with Rich and Eddie at La Tapa
She’s back for a while! Can’t wait to hear her on Monday nights at La Tapa, starting October 22!

“Grasshopper” Reports on European Tour
Wow! Inner Visions played to an audience of 60,000! That’s thrilling! I’m so proud of their accomplishments and relieved that they finally have a manager — Grasshopper needs help!