Wha’s Happ’nin’

by Sis Frank 

St. John Pretty Deserves Medals
The next time you are cruising through downtown Cruz Bay, take a good look at everyone’s shop or front yard. What a difference — everything is neat, no trash, no out of proportion signs — even Larry’s Landing’s Heineken monstrosity is gone! The boats in Cruz Bay are organized and almost in numerical order.
I wonder if we could plant some lovely flowering shrubs along the fences surrounding the cemetery?

Schnells Have Created a Beautiful Building
Lovely stonework, ceramic pieces, palms and plants have transformed Don and Debbie’s workplace into an artistic gallery that sets a new atmosphere for the road leading from the old Texaco station to The Marketplace. If other shop owners follow this example, this will become one of Cruz Bay’s prettiest streets.

Five attractive gardens along the way tie for first prize — the Anglican Church, Tradewinds building, Cruz Bay Apartments, the Blackwood and Roy Sewer family homes — slow down and enjoy these areas as you approach (of all things) the sewage plant’s roadside gardens.

Made From Scratch Bakery Serves Bush Tea
You’ll love it — and it’s good for you! Their soups, sandwiches and desserts are beautifully made. The shop is next to Kilroy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning. Everything sells out quickly from early morning — the pride and joy of the Varlack ladies!

Janet Cook-Rutnik’s New Technique is Exciting
You can tell that Janet has been spending time in the Big Apple! She has captured the speed of the taxis and subways in her latest show! The new Artists’ Association gallery at the Lumberyard is full of every kind of media, but Janet’s slick interpretations stand out. Lucy Portlock’s show of her watercolors will be the next exhibition. She certainly is a multi-talented girl!

Congratulations to those in charge who must have spent weeks of painting, rearranging, expanding, etc., to create a big open space for art exhibits. The view of the exterior facing the Creek is an attractive invitation to explore the gallery.
SJSA Adds Storage Building

No more steel pans stacked on the stage. Air conditioning cools the lower office, a nice curtain hides the stage and new French doors keep the rain out — all improvements that we have needed for years!

Our new program for Sprauve School students is very successful, thanks to our highly qualified directors. Art, drumming, dance and theater will be followed by quelbe next semester — yes, Koko will be the director. We expect to make our own instruments.

Steve Simon and the Jazz Islanders Commemorate Veterans’ Day
The Beach Bar was jumping as the music blasted forth with Shikima in top form and Jerry Harris leading the amens in some hot gospels! Several Crucian National Guard members in the audience led the cheers — Steve paid tribute to the Guard who were returning from the Coral Bay parade.