Wha’s Happ’nin’

An Update on Sis Frank

One of St. John’s finest citizens was flown to Florida last week for medical attention.

The beloved Sis Frank, founder of the St. John School of the Arts and former director of Steel Unlimited II, suffered a severe heart attack on Tuesday morning, January 30, at her home, according to close friend Jan Kinder who has been by Frank’s side throughout her ordeal.

Frank was taken to the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center where it was determined that she had, indeed, suffered a heart attack. Frank was then transported to Schneider Hospital around noon on January 30, where she underwent a procedure which showed her arteries were blocked, Kinder explained.

“Later that afternoon, after her heart attack, Sis was able to sit up in a chair and she was the Sis that we all know and love,” said Kinder. “Her spirits were excellent. She was optimistic and hopeful that she would come through with flying colors.”

Arrangements were quickly made to have Frank flown to the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida, where she arrived on

Wednesday morning, January 31, accompanied by Kinder and a medical crew.

Frank is receiving excellent care at the renowned medical facility where the surgical director is personally handling her treatment.

“When the doctors said that after the surgery she’ll be better than ever and feel better than she’s felt in many years, Sis just lit up and after that she was very excited,” said Kinder.

After undergoing successful triple-bypass surgery on Thursday, February 1, Frank was recovering in the Intensive Care Unit. Doctors expect Frank to remain in Florida for a two- to three-week period of recovery before she is able to return home to Love City, Kinder explained.

The St. John School of the Arts’ fund raiser bachelor/bachelorette auction, planned for Saturday evening, February 10, at the Westin Resort and Villas, is still on, and Frank wants everyone to attend, added Kinder.

“Sis wants everyone to please go and have a good time at the bachelor auction,” Kinder said. “She wants everyone to go and have a great night and party on her.”

Friends and well-wishers are urged to not call Cleveland Clinic, as it is the hospital’s policy not to release information regarding patients’ status.

Instead, Frank’s many friends should call the St. John School of the Arts at 779-4322 for daily updates on her condition. Letters and cards should be dropped off or sent to either the Cruz Bay or Coral Bay Connections, where Cid Hamling will ensure they reach Frank.

Since Frank is still in ICU for now, flowers can not be sent. When Frank is in a location where she can receive flowers, the St. John School of the Arts will have that information, explained Kinder.

The arts school staff has been incredibly supportive, Kinder added.

“Thanks to all the prayer groups and accolades to the staff at the arts school especially, Kim, Jeff and Kazumi, who have been keeping things organized,” said Kinder. “Kim has been helping me keep things running both at the school and making’s Sis’s time as smooth a transition as possible.”

The St. John Tradewinds staff join Frank’s many friends in wishing her a speedy recovery.