Wha’s Happ’nin’

Compliments of the Season

by Sis Frank

There is nothing more beautiful than St. John on the day after a storm passes through! I love to go to Frank Bay to listen to the surf, watch the sailboats and visit with Elaine Estern at her Coconut Coast Studios. If you are a visitor, this is a must on your schedule. I wish that the Audobon Society would keep the grass cut along the pond so that we could watch the ducks.

Santa Visits the Children
As I passed through Cruz Bay, I could see Mrs. deJongh greeting the schoolchildren in the park. Shikima was about to sing — it was a touching community event that greeted the arriving tourists who stopped to take it all in.

Thank heaven there are still small-town gatherings that remind us that it really is Love City.

I wonder what the visitors expect us to look like after departing Red Hook. I realize that it could not have remained the small landing site, but does it have to accost the travelers with a shopping mall personality? Will there be any palms and flowering trees to add a little charm?

St. John Should Look Like an Island in the Sun
Leona Smith and her hard-working volunteers deserve medals for their efforts to keep Cruz Bay clean and attractive!

Karen Smith Richards Passes
Whenever I saw Karen, I knew that she was going to pick on me and make me laugh. And she did!

I loved her white linen outfits that never had a wrinkle. My sincere sympathy and love to her family.
Enjoy the holidays! Compliments of the season!