Wha’s Happ’nin’

Sis Frank Happy To Be Home, Improving Daily

Sis Frank, who has returned to St. John after spending time in Florida recuperating from a heart attack and triple bypass surgery, is happy to be home and is on her way to recovery.

“Sis is so happy to be home,” said close friend Jan Kinder, who has been taking care of the beloved St. John School of the Arts founder. “She is recovering beautifully.”

Frank’s health continues to improve daily, and she asks that friends please hold off on calling or visiting for the time being, Kinder added.

“She is getting better each day,” said Kinder. “She asks everyone to please hold their phone calls and visits for a week or two. When she feels strong and is ready, she’ll reach out to people with phone calls.”

Appreciative of Support
Frank is appreciative of all the support she has received, according to Kinder.

“She says many thanks for all of the cards, encouragement, love and support,” said Kinder. “She tells me everyday that she feels blessed.”

Kinder also extended words of thanks for all of those who have helped during Frank’s recovery.

“I would like to thank the people who helped me to help Sis,” said Kinder. “Our community is strong in times of need. It’s truly Love City.”