Wha’s Happ’nin’

And the Rains Came 

by Sis Frank

As though Steve Simon needed to add anything to the weekly jam session at Sunday’s Beach Bar blast, he arranged for a lonely dolphin to demonstrate his diving skills in the midst of a soothing downpour. Did it rain — it was heavenly — but Steve, always conscious of his audience’s comfort, ordered drinks on the house. Where else can you be so royally entertained?

With all the unpleasant aspects of our changing times surrounding us, it is a joy to spend a few hours with old friends and a devoted contingent of St. Thomian jazz lovers. Young students and visiting musicians are always welcomed.

Plan to join the crowd from 4 to 7:30 p.m. on any Sunday at the Beach Bar on Cruz Bay Beach. You’ll find that the old-time spirit of St. John still exists.

Will the Beautiful Palms Stay?
Are the palm trees that softened the Texaco station going the way of so many trees in Cruz Bay? Let’s hope not.

E&C Gas Station Staff Has the Right Attitude
They really have “service with a smile” as their motto. Josephus Williams would be proud of his family.

Home Accents’ Closing is Sad
Let’s hope they find a new location for this special store. Thanks to Rudolph and Larry for carrying so many much-needed items over the years.

Heineken’s Sign Out of Proportion
Shouldn’t that sign be removed? I’m sure the Catholic Church and Slimman’s would agree that it cheapens the neighborhood. Let’s make an effort to keep a small-town feeling.

St. John is Proud of the Late Elaine I. Sprauve
Elroy Sprauve represented his aunt at the ceremonies held on St. Thomas by the V.I. Hall of Fame. “Auntie Laine” was honored for her dedication to the betterment of St. John. I, personally, am grateful for her guidance in my early years on the island.