Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Imagine spending the summer in New York City surrounded by department stores, looking for certain items without success — and guess what — Sally Varlack’s Sally’s had my favorite linen suit; Joyce Sprauve’s tiny shop, This ‘N That down the street, had the perfect bed-pad and Home Accents produced the perfect lamp. And no hassles with shipping. We have everything right here in our own backyard.

Harlow Ellis Passes Away
News has reached the island that a very special St. Johnian has passed away. Harlow Ellis died in Cotuit, Massachusetts this week. He and his wife, Mary, moved here many years ago with their family. They first lived at Miss Gina and Mr. Hilton Sprauve’s apartments. They then built several houses in the Frank Bay area, turning them into attractive rental units. Harlow was a wonderful fun-loving man who would surprise you daily with some off-the-wall remarks. You could never keep up with his super sense of humor. He and Mary held a Halloween party yearly, that inspired the most creative costumes you could imagine. One year, no one could guess the identity of one guest — to this day, no one knows (maybe it was Lindy).

His health deteriorated in the past few years, but he always put up a good fight, mixed with his hilarious remarks. Jude Woodcock, his personal trainer, thoroughly enjoyed their exercise sessions.

Harlow wrote some very touching letters to the St. John Tradewinds during the recent racial upsets. I would not like to think that his pleas for harmony and mutual respect on our island would be forgotten.

Our most sincere sympathy to Mary, Jodie, Matt, Todd, Rob Crane and other family members.

Vegetarians will find “Food For The Soul” at Satyamuna, a new restaurant at The Marketplace. Baked in the Sun has reopened with new furniture and new dishes, breads, cakes, cookies and sandwiches. The new location for Chelsea Drug Store is a joy. The Marketplace is bustling. The Garden Show is next on their calendar.

Patrick’s West Indian Delight
I am afraid that one of the last touches of old-time St. John, Patrick’s West Indian Delight, will be removed so that two more parking spaces may be added to the lot opposite the Post Office. Patrick tells me that he has received his eviction notice. The powers-that-be speak of it as an “eyesore,” but those of us who cling to the special homemade and hand-painted creations in Cruz Bay resent being told that it has to go.

Thank You for Saving Maho Bay
Ending in an up-beat note, I know that we all congratulate Joe Kessler, John Garrison and the heirs of Monroe Marsh for saving Maho Bay from being “developed.” This beautiful area will remain so for generations to come, thanks to their efforts and the Trust for Public Lands.