Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

SJSA Students To Perform at 50th Anniversary of V.I. National Park

The dance and vocal students at the St. John School of the Arts have been invited to perform on December 1 at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the National Park Headquarters during the morning, and again, at the special banquet at Caneel Bay’s Turtle Bay Estate House that evening.

Jude Woodcock has choreographed a wonderful skit, “Dance of the Reefs,” for the dancers, ages 4 to 18 and Shatik Stephens will direct her performance choir in several selections.

Members of the performance dance ensemble are Moremi Aderohunmu, Sage Buchalter, Monae Clarke, Savannah Lyons and Hannah McMurray. Additional SJSA dancers who will also perform are Paige Clarke, Kaitlyn Cummings, Niki Goldman, Lunique Henley, Chloe Jarvis, Jada Jarvis and Lineek Williams.

Members of the performance choir are Sage Buchalter, Monae Clarke, Coulter Conley, Jessica Samuel and Ja’leah Stephens.

We were honored to have been selected to perform for these historic celebrations — rehearsals are heavy, the young people are excited and we look forward to entertaining the community members and visiting dignitaries in attendance.

Every Ting Has a New Home (That Was Once Mine) at Gallows Point
Yes, I lived in the gatehouse — as it was known — with a real gallows — rope and all — outside my door, when I first arrived on the island. There were seven buildings and a very famous bar.

This wonderful shop has moved to Gallows Point Resort from the Banana Deck and Stone Terrace area. A smart move, I think, because of the high rental area from Gallows along the coastline and the Star Villa area. The guests will find “every ting” they would ever want right in their neighborhood.

American Paradise owner Joan Sparling has done a great job of redesigning the former Every Ting building. It makes that area much more attractive, even though the original rental cottages — Helen Payne’s cottages — were full of imagination and charm. The Rock, the View and the Shell occupied that same space from the 1940s.

These are changes that fit well in their locations. They have color, good design and show an interest in enhancing their neighborhood. Gallows Point seems to belong on that point, where nearby condos should have been built in Miami.

If Patrick’s is removed, there will be nothing of local charm left except Sheila’s and Mooie’s in the waterfront area.

Former Piano SJSA Teacher Is Very Ill
Those who remember Jennifer Bernsten as one of our finest piano teachers should know Jennifer has been ill since January and, finally, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is in Salt Lake City, where the Mormon Church is keeping track of her daily needs. I spoke to her last week when we were advised of her condition. She was so upbeat and cheerful about her future. We are waiting to hear of the doctor’s decision to operate. I have her phone number and address if you wish to contact her.

Remembering Corky Siegel
A note from his wife, Holly, tells of their performance-to-be in Mexico City with the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band. Corky is also writing a symphony via a commission from the Lancas-ter, PA, symphony. Last summer they were in France, so our favorite harmonica virtuoso is as popular as ever. We miss hearing his music at the art school, believe me.