Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

St. John, the Most Beautiful Place in the World
When the dust and sand blow away, the gorgeous colors return, St. Croix appears on the horizon and St. Thomas stands out in the midst of her chain of islands along Pillsbury sound; is there a more breathtaking location in the world?
We have little control over the winds from the Sahara and but we can create a clean and well-maintained business and residential area on the island.

I have great faith in Administrator Leona Smith’s ability to oversee this cleanup campaign.

Art School Students Shine in Recitals
The music, art and dance students were outstanding in their end of the year presentations. Many thanks to their teachers for bringing out the best in their students. If you wish to register for next fall’s classes, please call the St. John School of the Arts at 779-4322 or stop in at the school, next to the Legislature building.

Congratulations to Volunteers Who Raise Funds for Worthy Causes
St. Johnians have always stepped forward to help, but I think that this past year’s benefits have hit a new high. I don’t think that you are happy on St. John if you aren’t coming to someone’s aid. People really care about each other.

Gym in Paradise vs. Jazz at Beach Bar
Which is more fun? Now that I can walk, lift five pound weights and row, I’m back at the gym with Jude, my trainer. We have a million laughs. But I really live for Sundays at the Beach Bar. Everyone should go to hear Steve Simon’s Jazz Islanders, and sometimes the audience is just as entertaining as the musicians are.