Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Good Things Are Happ’nin’

After a disappointing decision on more over-development last week, so many uplifting plans are being made to improve our lovely island. I have a feeling that they all stem from our governor and our administrator.

The removal of over-sized signs, promises of reconstruction at the basketball court, relocation of Sprauve School, removal of potholes and cement trails on our roads, the boardwalk along Cruz Bay beach, improvements in the Cruz Bay town streets and Frank Powell Park are just a few of the changes that are needed to bring back the real charm of the island.

A long-time resident who has moved stateside wrote to me recently about her visit to the island this winter. The sight of Cruz Bay as the ferry approached made her cry (and not for joy).

Thankfully, after a few days, she realized that the out-of place condos had not spoiled the loving spirit that St. Johnians have always had. In fact, a protective, determined attitude has developed to make sure that over-development does not continue. If only our senate really cared about St. John and its future. I guess that Senator Hill is our only ally.

There are many concerned private citizens who are moving ahead with plans of their own to make sure that the island has the best facilities and offers the services that we still have to go elsewhere for.

If you feel that you could assist in making improvements, why not go the Battery and meet with our fine administrator, Leona Smith. We all should feel a need to give back to the island that does so much for us.

Katilady and Ted — What a Combo
That’s a great idea – catered meals for all of us. Creative menues home or villa delivery, Edika Franco and Ted Robinson whipping up divine creations – wow, I can’t wait. I know how good this service will be – when I could hardly look at food, just the sight of a beautifully wrapped dinner delivered to my door by Kati’s service made me start eating again.

Congratulations to DPNR’s New Planning Director
Wanda Mills-Bocachica is the perfect director for the Comprehensive and Coastal Zone Plan-ning Division  of Planning and Natural Resources. She is highly qualified and truly cares about proper development. I hope she will hasten the selection of our own island planner.

She won me over when, at a BPW honors luncheon a few years ago, she reminisced with me about our wonderful steel band, “Steel Unlimited.”

“Slimman” an Entrepreneur Who Also Plays Congos
“Slimo’s Limo” is his latest idea and it’s wonderful! I saw him  picking up his first bride at Don Schnell’s Beach Villa. Dressed in white linen that matched the stretch limo, he was right out of Hollywood’s Central Casting. I’ll always remember him as one of my most reliable band members of the original “Steel Unlimited” band in the early 70s – he was “Slimboy” then.

Jazz Islanders at Beach Bar
Sundays 4 to 7:30 p.m. on the Cruz Bay  beach – forget the whole week and have a great time enjoying the music! Dale Harrigan has joined the group – his trumpet adds a nice touch – the guest artists are always  entertaining – Dennis Frett and Willie Kelly last week sang some old favorites. Don’t forget, come early for a good seat – it’s Steve Simon and the Jazz Islanders!