Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Long-time Visitor Brings Back Memories of a Gentler St. John
Mary “Mers” Fairbarn’s mother, Brenda, has just returned to England after a great visit. We reminisced about her honeymoon spent at Gallows Point over 40 years ago. She and her husband, Martin are famous for naming the rental home and guest house (now bulldozed) on the hill across from Gallows Point Lavender Hill after the movie “Lavender Hill Mob” — the mob was the late Ken Colony, Doug Granger, and wives.

I was sent here by one of the owners of Lavender Hill, Warren Eaton, to finish the buildings and perhaps rent them. That was the beginning of the property management business, Holiday Homes. I never went back to the states because of my love for St. John.

We remembered Bill and Florence Mountain from Olean, New York, who spent many winters at Lavender Hill. Dinners served by Betty Chapman on Moorhead’s Point every Saturday night attracted the rental guests who reserved their tables faithfully. Betty was also known for decorating floats for 4th of July parades.

Jean Mason, another long-time resident of St. John, who sailed with her late husband, John, recalled the peace and quiet of Cruz Bay where their beautiful boat “Six Pence” was anchored. In fact, it was so quiet that conversations at Gallows Point could be heard at night floating over the bay. By the next morning, everyone knew who had spent the night at Gallows Point!

Brenda and Martin have returned to St. John many times over the years and “Mers” spends her winters here.

Congratulations to Our Graduates
Sprauve School’s “Val” was Jonte Samuel followed by “Sal” Afrika Anthony, both very gifted young people. We, at the St. John School of the Arts, are very proud of their accomplishments.

Congratulations to Scholarship Winners at SJSA
I am very proud of the gifted winners Kamaria Penn, Nikki Goldman, Tyler Stephens and Christin Marsh.

Condolences to Carol DeSenne’s Family
Lonnie Willis wrote a tribute in  last week’s Tradewinds that expressed everyone’s feelings about Carol — a very hard-worker, and one who wanted everyone to have equal advantages in life. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to control her own illness.

Doctor’s Orders Say Daily Visits to the Gym
My first stress test was excellent, but instead of two or three day at Gym in Paradise, I now will go five times a week, and guest what? I feel stronger already!

Jazz at The Beach Bar is Fun

Sundays, 4 to 7:30 p.m. — brand new bar chairs and great music. Don’t miss it! Thanks to all who contributed to Evanna Chinnery’s enrollment at Berklee College of Music’s Summer School. Evanna often sings at the Sunday Jazz sessions! Good Luck Evanna!

Enjoy the Festival Shows
Congratulations to all the participants.