Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Epiphany Theater’s Christmas Production a Smash Hit
Can you imagine how thrilled I was to see the Art School’s dance students perform so beautifully in “Crackin’ deh Nut” — especially when I remember how timid some were when they first took lessons! The volunteers and choreographers did an amazing job of encouraging the young performers! The sets were creative, the music was just right, the storyline was imaginative, the costumes colorful — in all, congratulations to Epiphany’s board of directors for giving the community a chance to see how dedicated our young art students have become. I hope this will continue as a yearly challenge — maybe more than once a year.

Thank you, Epiphany! And let’s not forget the adult performers — they were terrific! “Jeremy, you can join the professionals — you can’t run all the time!”

St. Johnian Athletes Excel
Alexa Putnam has been on a World Cup tour as the youngest competitor and, as always, is giving her best efforts in the skeleton division. Her parents, Bern and Liz, have gone to Germany to join her.

The NCAA volleyball championship finished with Penn State beating Stanford for the title. Megan Hodge, daughter of Carmen Samuel Hodge and niece of the Coral Bay Samuel family, was named MVP after getting 26 kills in the finals! These two Virgin Islanders are pretty sensational! Congratulations!

Can You Picture Our Own Clarinetist with Troops in Baghdad
Steve Simon will entertain the troops in their own blues festival! He does get around! He also will be a judge at the Memphis Festival, and travel with the annual Blues Cruise to St. Croix — last year the cruise came here — who could forget the talented musicians and the passengers who jammed at the Beach Bar!

Do You Watch Discovery Channel?
Don Wildman, married to our old friend, Melissa Haizlip, is the star of the series showing the underground passages and cities of the world. Melissa’s Christmas card tells of her visits with Captain Underworld to Israel, Prague, Vienna, Dublin, Chicago, Belize and the Greenbriar in West Virginia. Do you remember that a secret bunker was built under this resort in 1958 to hide Congress in case of nuclear attack?

Merry Christmas — Compliments of This Beautiful Season!