Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Westin Fireworks Were Glorious 
After 148 choruses of “Hot, Hot, Hot!” Carlie Powell’s Paradise People welcomed 2008 with the best show of booms, echoes and brilliant colors ever! I should know, taking it all in from my catbird seat on Great Cruz Bay!

Forty-eight years on St. John (46 in my Contant home when all you could see was one cottage on the beach — now, the hills are covered with bright lights) my own neighbors have never changed except for the goats and parked trucks.

Congratulations to Old Friends Who Have Retired
Mahlon “Koko” Pickering and Ralph Powell, who have held responsible positions on St. John and Puerto Rico over many years, have retired and will be enjoying their much-deserved years of rest and relaxation.

“Koko” could give you some harrowing reports of his years with Drug Enforcement and lately, with the Port Authority. Ralph kept everyone on their toes at the vehicle registration department. Some of my funniest recollections were about Ralph’s adventures in the Inspection Lane. By the way, he can really tear up the piano keys!

We all wish you the very best — “Koko” will be teaching the young people all about Quelbe and Ralphie will be busy with his home rentals. Enjoy every day and thanks for all that you have done for the community.

Sunday, My Favorite Day of the Week
By now, my readers must know this! It’s fun to catch up on the latest in the jazz world with Steve Simon. He really has the “world on a string!” He is now known as the Baron of Bovoni (as in Waste Management or the dump). I can’t wait to find out the name of the theme song — maybe it will be down and dirty like Yvonne’s blues number that honors our dentist, Dr. John!

We will miss the Jazz Islanders’ #1 bass player, Cliff Finch, when he moves to the states to start a new gig next month. Hopefully, he won’t forget his devoted fans here on St. John. Thanks Cliffie for all the laughs and music! Our best wishes go with you!

Shipwreck Landing Welcomes Jazz Islanders Wednesday Nights
Enjoy jazz way out there past Coral Bay — right on the sea — starting this Wednesday.

It’s 2008 — A New Year!
May we all do our best to keep the island clean, drive with caution at all times and show courtesy as we greet our friends and visitors. Encourage our young people and set a good example for them.

Guide our leaders as they solve our many problems; good health, happiness and peace to all as we face the new year.