Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Winter Weather Is Here

Ground seas, showers, stiff breezes, cold germs and coughs! It’s winter! Sally Smith, the “Queen of Jazz” pianist, called to say that Florida was freezing — I said, “Come back home, it’s not exactly warm here!” Sally is visiting her grandchildren — we miss her shining face with the Jazz Islanders! The sub pianists are pretty exciting — Harvey Werbel, Roan Creque, Freddy Rebuse to name a few — especially Roan, who treated us to a little scatting a la Ella Fitzgerald.

Animal Care Center Night a Success
Music, dancing and good food served at Dr. and Mrs. Levy’s home on Maria Bluff set the tone for this annual fundraiser! Designed by Rob Crane and constructed by Fred Trayser, “Kismet” is a pretty spectacular residence.

Dana Andrews Passes
We all were shocked to hear of Dana’s death. There will be a service later in the month. Our sincere sympathy to Mary, Eric and the Andrews family.

Do You Have the Feeling of Being in the Midst of General Motors’ Back Yard?

Man — there are cars everywhere! And don’t forget the trucks and trailers! It’s rather fascinating to see the drastic change in the numbers of people and vehicles on St. John. Once again, thank heaven for the park! Leona, keep up the good work as you oversee the reorganization of the village! It’s looking cleaner and more appealing to visitors as they step off the ferry dock.

MaLinda Turns 30
It was a surprise luncheon at Rhumb Lines for our leading lady, and as I looked around the table, I realized that these friends had all made an impression on St. John — stop and think about it — most businesses are run by women! Best wishes to our super-publisher!