Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Governor’s Speech Sounded Encouraging

Governor deJongh’s address was full of hope for our future — I only pray that he can accomplish half of the corrections and changes that he proposes. So far, so good!

Alexa Competes at Lake Placid
We all wish our skeleton expert the best in her endeavors to climb to the top ranking of the Winter Olympics.

Jean Mason Out of ICU
Long-time resident has beaten pneumonia and hopes to return to St. John this weekend. Bless Barbie Devine for staying with her in ICU.

“Commodore” Docks at Enighed Pond Car Ferry Facility
Boyson Inc.’s newest ferry is enormous! It can double as our newest nightclub! Congratulations to the Boynes-Jackson family!

New Beautiful Windows at SJSA
The art school has needed to replace leaky windows for years and now, thanks to donations, we have them! Screens too! Many many, thanks to those friends who gave time and materials to our lovely building!

Christmas Bushes Still in Bloom
Thanks to all the rain, those lovely white flowers are as fresh as ever!

Kakuta Returns to Speak
Our own Maasai will be at the art school, Rotary and the schools — look for the dates in a week!