Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Donors Entertained at SJSA

 The St. John School of the Arts presented a special performance and reception honoring our donors last week. Twelve of our most devoted students danced, and played the piano and saxophone. Shatik Stevens, vocal director, sang an exciting solo, “Fever.” Parents, performers and donors thoroughly enjoyed this special event. Piano students included Kainoa Metcalf, Tyler Stephen, Tiareh Schaub, Christin Marsh and Kamaria Penn. Jonte Samuel played his saxophone; Nikki Goldman, Latiah Jackson, Zoya Otto and Kiareh Penn tap danced beautifully; Savannah Lyons thrilled everyone with her ballet solo. Beginning art students’ drawings were on display.

Gargiulo and Yefimova Return February 8
Julian and Maria will entertain at the Art School at 8 p.m. — tickets are $30 at Connections and $35 at the door. Don’t miss this concert!

The Boynes’ newest car ferry is the “Commander,” not the “Commodore” as I stated last week. I apologize — I guess I was overcome by its size!

Marvelous Combo Followed Jazz Islanders
Sam Kinninger’s combo set the Beach Bar on fire Sunday night, were they terrific! Two young girls, Berklee grads I believe, kept the funky beat going on the drums and keyboard — a hot bass player, Clarence Cuthbertson on congas and our own Joe Ramsay on sax were sensational. They moved on to Larry’s Landing and now are in St. Croix.

As Sally Smith said, “Young girls should see what a success they can be if they take music lessons! There’s a future in jazz — better than running for Miss America!”