Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Bassist Cliff Finch

Musicians Are Very Emotional
When we started to say Good Luck and So Long to bassist Cliff Finch at Sunday’s Beach Bar, I saw tears begin to fall. Sally Smith practically dissolved on her piano keys, girls from out of the blue demanded their goodbye kiss, Steve Simon spoke of Cliffie’s departure to Delaware with regret but reminded us that it was only for a year.

We’ll all miss his charm, his steady beat and his knowing smile as he observes the drama around him. Believe me, he takes it all in, but he won’t have as much fun in Delaware.

Very best wishes to you, Cliffie, hurry back!

Will Culver Saves the Day Again
Thanks to our “knight in shining armor” Will Culver, the art school’s office is functioning well and up to date with the installation of DSL and a new computer with a flat screen monitor. When we need his help, he is right there! Not too long ago, Kim was trying to download photos from our new video camera…struggling, he took the time to help her. Thanks, Will, for your computer savviness!

Our Sick Friends Are Gaining Strength
Bill Morris, Kevin Smith and Jean Mason are fighting their battles — we wish them the very best — and, now that Jessica Samuel’s arm is finally set, we know that she’s on the road to recovery.