Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Steve and Rhett Fill Cliff’s Shoes
The Jazz Islanders have Steve Norris on Sundays and Rhett Simmons on Wednesdays as the new bassists, now that Cliff Finch has left for the states. The “Next Generation Boys,” Jonte Samuel and Malachi Thomas, brought a lovely young lady vocalist last Sunday.

Our leader, Steve Simon, is zeroing in on the Blues Festival March 19-23, followed by a challenging tour of Iraq where he entertains the troops with blues musicians from California to Germany! If anyone can put it all together, our Steve can!

More Prayers Are Needed
Jessie Merritt, Althea Ellis and Terri Provost have joined our list of sick friends — it must be something in the air! Our get well wishes are with you all!

Two New Grapes on the Vine
Our hair salon at The Marketplace has taken on a new look with Michelle Collins and Colleen Kramper at the helm. Julie Stevens, who has kept it going for years, will still be cutting and curling and Mandy Taylor will do hands and toes, along with her special greeting cards. All the news that’s fit to print will be dispensed daily with a million laughs thrown in! Congratulations ladies!

Trash Collection at JESS Annex
Since Waste Management has folded, Public Works will collect the chairs, desks, pails, etc. in the Annex’s front corner, thanks to Ira Wade. Now, if we can convince Dolphin Market’s men to fold the empty boxes before they toss them in the bin and all over the street, it will be nicely organized.

Proceeds From 8 Tuff Photos Go to Art School
Many thanks to Peter Alter, Linc Berry and Craig Dengler for donating their talents to the St. John School of the Arts scholarship fund!
Linc took wonderful portraits of each runner as they crossed the finish line. Craig of Cruz Bay Photo gave printed photos and Kim Wild, Karen Jarvis, Monique Rogers-Clarke and Joanna Werman kept the operation going when they weren’t cheering, stuffing bags and relaying messages.
If you want a photo, just check the 8 Tuff Miles Web site to locate it. Once you know the photo number you can pay through PayPal or contact the Art School via email or phone.

Those 8 Tuff Miles aren’t so tuff, so a rather senior citizen named Ronnie Lee says, “I was flying coming down that last hill!” Watch out, Jeremy, Ronnie is right behind you!