Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Pond Mouth Opening Makes History
Those of you who are new to the island cannot imagine the importance of the marine facility ribbon-cutting this past week.

That area was the dump for years, with the Pond Mouth the site for many a marvelous fish fry. Everyone, visitors and residents, jammed at the Pond Mouth with the Jealous Sounds (Pimpy’s band), Eddie and the Movements (which later became Jam Band) or Steel Unlimited. Food was served by the Lion’s Club, JESS, BPW or any of the community organizations who were raising funds. Dancing on the shore went on all night.

It was a wonderful feeling for me, finally, after nearly 40 years of waiting for the dump to be closed and the pond opened, to enjoy the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

There was a very special atmosphere surrounding the dock as barges glided in and out during the speeches. Every speaker emphasized the need to plan carefully as we face the changes that must come with the years. We must join together as one force to insist on improvements that will benefit us all.

Administrator Harley has asked for a planner for years. Now, those in government agree that this is the best solution.

The group of protesters at the marine facility opening made it clear to everyone from the governor on down that St. John does not want to be ruined by careless over-development.

Thanks to DPNR for seeing the light. Do not allow those monstrous buildings. We cannot accommodate the people or their vehicles.

Congratulations to Senator Roosevelt David for leading the fight for the new dock, and to Port Authority officials, Gordon Finch and Darlan Brin for their role in seeing it finished.

Michael Grasso and family visiting his Godmother Sis Frank.

Michael Grasso Surprises His Godmother with Visit
I hadn’t seen Michael in 18 years, so it was a thrill to greet my godchild this week. He had brought his wife and young son to see his mother, Mildred Hodge, on Tortola before he spent two days here on St. John with his aunts, Cleamena Duncan and Naomi Hodge.

I can’t believe that he is well over six feet tall, is a certified R.N. with the U.S. Army and will soon leave for Iraq. Our prayers go with you, Michael.

Yulandra Potter Passes
In spite of her crippling illness, she was very brave. When we last spoke, she just smiled and said, “I’m doing the best I can.” Yulandra was a very special person, I shall never forget her. My sympathy to her husband and to their families.

Carnival and Spring Weather Are Here
It’s Carnival baby! Roasa’ Time and Bam-booshay! Yellow poui trees are in full bloom, cats claw, pink cedar and watapama blossoms line our roadways. Spring is here.

Tribute to Alton A. Adams Sr. Bandmaster
Everyone is invited—free admission and complimentary transportation from Red Hook to the Bertha C. Boschulte School auditorium and return to Red Hook.

The U.S. Navy Ceremonial Band in concert in memory of St. Thomian Alton A. Adams Sr. is on Friday, May 12, 2006 at 8 p.m. You must have a ticket which is available at Connections. There is no charge. Don’t miss the exciting music of the renowned band.