Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Activities on the Waterfront

Belated happy birthday to a special St. John-ian who celebrated his 45th on Sunday at Wharfside. When I asked Crispin who the scary person dressed in black from head to toe was, he said, “That’s Roland, it’s his birthday.”

Sunday night’s jazz at the Beach Bar was pretty wild — returning guests, great music, frantic dancing and even a conga line ‘round the bar. Steve “Mr. Hollywood” Simon was on hand, complete with a youthful outfit of shorts and nifty sneakers. If you check out the musicians’ shoes, I’d have to give bass player Cliff Finch first prize for those sneakers with the long green laces.

Believe me, you forget all the stresses of the week when the music begins to flow, and by the time they’ve cranked up the tempo with Sonny Rollins “St. Thomas,” you are in heaven. Every Sunday, 4 to 7:30 p.m. (no, Steve doesn’t pay me for these rave reviews, I just love the atmosphere). Their stage manager, Eddie, does a great job of moving, setting up and breaking down the equipment — a thankless job — but we appreciate his sense of organization. And by the way, everyone joined in singing a loud “Happy Birthday” to Eddie on Sunday.

Bachelor-Bachelorette Auction February 10, 2007
Will Rodney Varlack bring the highest bid again? If you know any handsome, dashing fellows or gorgeous girls (and we all do) just call 779-4322 to suggest candidates for the St. John School of the Arts annual fundraiser.

Election Day Is Finally Here
I’m sure that we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief. All that rhetoric gets to be a bit wearing after a while, but the interviews were well-done by the newspapers.

Congratulations to Captain Cornelius Matthias
In the almost 50 years that I have lived on St. John, Captain Cornelius was always in evidence at Caneel Bay, whether as a ferry boat captain or at the helm of his sailboat as he took guests on snorkeling trips. His charming understated manner is such a part of the old Caribbean, as General Manager Rik Blyth said. I hope that his health permits him to return to receive the Tommy Star Award of Excellence from the V.I. Hotel and Tourism Association. Congratulations to Captain Cornelius!

Welcome Back Home to Inner Visions
It was a treat to see “Grasshopper” and his band after a grueling tour of the states. Please have a reliable driver for your next adventure. You have to save a little energy for your nightly concerts. Do I hear a rumor that Europe is on next summer’s agenda? “Grasshopper” and I go back to 1973, when he was the percussionist with “Steel Unlimited.” Music has always been a big part of his life.