Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Congratulations to deJongh-Francis Team
We all know that St. Croix needs extra attention, but please don’t forget beautiful St. John. Let us decide on the changes that are bound to come. We need to control the development because we are the ones who have to live with it.

Oscar James, Bob Farmer and Patrick Joseph hang out at Patrick’s West Indian Delight in Cruz Bay.

No more outrageous condos that can barely fit into the landscape. Let Patrick’s, Sheila’s and Mooie’s continue to give St. John that special charm.

We, on St. John, look forward to the deJongh-Francis leadership that will enhance our life-style with opportunities for everyone.

Congratulations to Our New Senator-at-Large Carmen Wesselhoft
If Miss Alma Wesselhoft and Mr. Roy Sewer were still with us, they would be as proud of you as we are. It is exciting to see a young St. Johnian be given the opportunity to improve the government services for the Virgin Islands.

Senator David Retires
I remember Roosevelt (and Spencer Stapleton) sweeping the area around the old Apothecary where Subway is today. They were part of the down-islanders who came to St. John in the 60s and from the day they arrived contributed so much to the community.

The Pioneer Benevolent Society represented these dedicated citizens in their efforts to bring the close-knit and ever-increasing St. Johnians together. (There were only 900 residents in 1959 when I arrived).

Roosevelt became a respected banker and went on to win a seat in the Legislature. His most important accomplishment was the completion of the Enighed Pond Project. Just watch those beautiful barges glide in and out every half hour. What a change from being our dump for years, and the best fish fries in the world at the Pond Mouth.

 What do you think he will do now?

We all thank you for caring about the Virgin Islands’ development and wish you the very best in your next endeavor.



Oscar James, Bob Farmer and Patrick JosFriends of the V.I. National Park staff and local residents welcomed Cristina and Joe Kessler, center, home on Friday, November 17.

Welcome Home to the Kesslers
Who is the man behind the “Save Maho Bay” project and who introduced us to Kakuta and the Maasai tribe in Kenya? That’s Cristina and Joe and they are back from a 10-month battle with cancer for Joe. Thank Heaven for modern medicine — Joe is back at the Friends of the National Park office in the director’s chair and Cristina will pick up her pen and write another award-winning children’s book on Africa. Maybe she’ll lead another safari to Kenya.

There were hugs tears, balloons and cheers as they arrived on “The Roanoke.”

“It’s great to have you back where you belong.”

Park 50th Anniversary and Super Music and Santa Claus In Three Days
The age-old beautiful question of “what do you do on the sleepy island” is no more — can you imagine the dedication of the new Park entrance garden and the banquet at Turtle Bay Estate House on Friday, December 1 — topped by two nights of great music at the Winston Wells ball field on December 2 and 3 — Steve Simon’s St. John Christmas Music Festival will thrill everyone — R&B, Soul and Gospel with Michael Dunston and Maryel Epps returning by popular demand, the wonderful Jazz Islanders, Carly Powell’s Paradise People, Of God, Echo People and pan virtuoso Victor Provost will fill the field with music — and it’s free.