Why Don’t Police Identify Themselves?


I am reading the article about the raid in Cruz Bay and wondering how many other people where mishandled. Why is it that the VIPD does not have to identify themselves?

I was pulled over earlier this year and the officer never identified himself and his badge was scratched up so I could not read it. I am reading this article after hearing about several accounts that were never reported. How many others where mistreated, and what is the damage?

I know of at least one federal employee who was accosted that night just trying to get to the ferry. What good is a task force that, a) does not identify themselves (did they have any training at all), and b) accosts/attacks tourists and residents trying to get dinner or go home.  

Is St. John trying to go from a top tourist spot to a place to avoid? How many murders have we had? How many times have citizens called the police to not have them show up? How many other people have had interaction with the police who refuse to identify themselves?

I live here and I avoid being in Cruz Bay after 5 p.m. at all costs. I definitely avoid any interaction with the police and several of my best friends are N.Y. state policemen so I have nothing to hide.

Christy Loomis