Work Continues to Restore St. John District to Full Service

At 1 p.m. plant personnel were able to restore a third unit, Unit 23, to service and as a result approximately 90 percent of service has been restored to St. Thomas and St. John.   

Plant personnel anticipate putting another unit online this evening, barring any unforeseen circumstances and will be able to restore the areas presently without service including University of the Virgin Islands, Fortuna to the Bible College, Peterborg, Skyline, Wintberg and the remaining sections of St. John, according to Executive Director, Hugo Hodge, Jr.,

WAPA does not anticipate, at this time, any need for feeder rotation. Once again, WAPA apologizes for the inconvenience to its customers. On behalf of WAPA’s Governing Board, Management and Staff, WAPA extends best wishes for a peaceful Thanksgiving.

WAPA will continue to update its customers as progress is made towards full restoration.