Yolanda Bryan and Education to Host Shadow A Chef Enrichment Program

First Lady Yolanda Bryan shares lunch with two students at the Pearl B. Elementary School during a visit in February.

First Lady Yolanda Bryan has partnered with the Department of Education to host the 2019 Shadow A Chef Enrichment Program.

The program will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at the Charlotte Amalie High School auditorium and cafeteria and on Thursday, Aug. 22, at the Educational Complex cafeteria from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on both days. The food developmental strategies sessions will be led by Chef Larry Nibbs of Nibbs Catering and Ralph Motta of Motta Cuisine.

The Shadow, a chef enrichment program, seeks to provide a mentoring opportunity for all kitchen staff (cooks, food service workers, kitchen managers) throughout the territory.

The program will focus on four key goals and is intended to foster meaningful partnerships between trained chefs and kitchen staff:
To provide staff skill set development opportunities geared at approved menu development and workplace etiquette;
To better prepare product offerings, so they are tasty and enjoyable;
To improve presentation/visual appeal;
To increase student participation in the school lunch program.

The agenda for the day-long program includes training in customer service, workplace etiquette and developmental strategy sessions.

The agenda also includes activities that will engage the staff, expand their knowledge, and provide skill set development opportunities related to menu development and food preparation.

“Our goal is to create partnerships that encourage civic involvement and targeted outreach initiatives designed to foster meaningful experiences for staff that directly and positively impact students. We will work with all stakeholders to build bridges of organizations to accomplish symbiotic goals,” said the first lady.

“I am excited for this partnership that will bring us one step closer to realizing our goal, which is to develop a holistic and student-centered educational system,” said Commissioner of the Department of Education Racquel Berry-Benjamin. “Building partnerships is one of the VIDE’s broad umbrella goals, and this initiative is in line with our plan.”