Yonni Lyle Mathurin Dies at 43

Yonni Lyle Mathurin

Yonni Lyle Mathurin, also known as “Biggs,” of Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, departed this life on Wednesday, July 21.  He was 43 years old.

Yonni Mathurin was preceded in death by grandparents: Merideth Joseph, Newton John Baptiste, Ivinia Mathurin and Andrew Mathurin; uncles:  Joseph G. Mathurin (St. Croix), Tony Mathurin (Calif.), James Mathurin and Joe Mathurin.

He is survived by his parents: Patricia and Gregory A. Mathurin; daughter, Sanai Niarah Mathurin; sisters: Zephlyn Guillory (Texas) and Christine Brown (N.Y.); brothers: Cameron Mathurin (St. Croix), Nigel Mathurin (Fla.) and Brandell Inglis (Ga.); nieces: Cassia Smith (N.Y.) and Nickalyn Guillory (Texas); nephews: Na-Aran Smith (Texas), Caleb Smith (Fla.) and Fyve Guillory (Texas); brothers-in-law: Nicholas Guillory (Texas) and Daniel Brown (N.Y.)., and aunts: Alex Ellie (England), Thea (Aruba),  Beatrice (Okla.) and Lizzy (N.Y.) Quammie, Shirley Clovis (Calif.), Felicita Julien (St. Croix) and Delores Daniel (St. Croix).

He is also survived by uncles: Dr. Albert Clarmont (Ohio), Marcellus Mathurin (Texas), Johnson Mathurin (N.J.), Noel Daniel (St. Croix) and George Clovis (Calif.); and special friends: Chris Richardson, Latoya Blake, Sean Joseph, Rashida McFarlande, Jennifer Williams, Ayinde Gomez, Chead George, Printis Amedee, Dane Henry, LV Family, UTI Family, Jake Cadette, Luis Rivera, Tyrone Mason, Veronica Samuel, Armstrong Ice-cream Family, Top Shottaz Entertainment Family and other friends too numerous to mention.

Other survivors include cousins and other relatives: Mahalia Mathurin, Wayne Samuel and family, Sgt. Orange and family, Nasha Mathurin, Sandy Mathurin, Steve Mathurin, Richie Maxwell, Edmay and Branch Jean Pierre, Allan and Lena Alphonse, Cynthia Simon, Jennifer Morgan (U.K.), Bryan, Miranda, Robin, Jason and Zoe Eli (U.K.), Genevieve Brown (U.K.) and Gewan Brown (Aruba),  Judy and Jesse Nation (Okla.) and Jeannelle Harris (Va.); ex-spouse/daughters’ mother, Nicole Gill; as well as other relatives too numerous to mention.

Yonni Mathurin’s Homegoing service will be held at from 1-4 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 7, at Veterans Shore Drive, located in Frederiksted, St. Croix.

Cremation arrangements are entrusted to Schuster’s Crematorium LLC.