Young Author Series: Lily in Wonderland

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By Scout
Age: 14
Interests: Books, reading and acting

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland stories that have always intrigued me.  I have never been satisfied with their endings, so please enjoy my version, called “ Lily in Wonderland.”  This is the first installment – I promise a new one each week until the ending – which will be better than the real Alice in Wonderland.

I was in the meadow outside our house with my sister Alice, and that’s when I saw it: the white rabbit that Alice had talked so often about, but I had never seen. Of course, now Alice is 15 and does not believe in Wonderland anymore.  However, I am just eight years old and well remember the wonderful stories Alice used to tell me of when she had gone to Wonderland, and through the looking glass. Every time though, she would warn me, “ Lily, there is one lesson to learn from this, and it is to not go among mad people, for it will only confuse you to your wits’ end.” But sometimes I find it hard to go among sane people. For they are always talking about things such as math and science and shush my opinions on fairies and elves. I know as many facts about magic as they just sit around eating the wrong type of pie. Anyway, why should I care?

But now I have seen him! The white rabbit of my many daydreams! He quickly scampered away to a hole, into which I followed him. I do admit, that I screamed for a full two minutes when I first fell, until I finally relaxed. After what seemed like hours, I landed at last.

I felt confused. This was not the place Alice had described to me countless times before. I was in a thick field of roses that were six feet high.

For many hours I pushed my way through the thick stalks until I came to a clearing. I saw a short pasty man wandering around. Soon he spotted me and skipped up to me.

“Howdy do! What’s your name? I certainly hope that you are sane, and that you have seen my cane which I think I lost in the last rain.”

“My name is Lily, and I suppose that I am quite sane. Why do you talk in rhyme?”

“Tis a strange disease that starts in the knees. It makes me rhyme all the time, every single dingle line. I am glad that you are sane, Collin is my name. I was sane like you once, oh but now I am such a dunce. Till I came here and drank something queer, now I fear that my end is near.”

“Oh no! How can I help?” I cried.

“Go to the cave at the end of the grabe. And fetch me some colorful lights. But that is not the end of your plight. For you must the attempt to try to fly a kite of stone which may only be flown when you are all alone.”

“How on earth do you expect me to do that?” I asked.

“Here, take my special hat, it may be used to fight the ferocious gnat that perches upon the hilly field that is flat.”

“I will help you,” I said. I have no idea why I accepted. Maybe I felt sympathy for him, but I had no clue what I was really getting into.

End of part one next story will be published next week….