Young People Need to Stand Up


Nine-story condo buildings in Pastory? Are you out of your mind?

Stateside people are so possessed by the Mexican immigrant issue, yet these same money-hungry people are just waiting to invade one of the last paradise island environments for the sake of a buck?

The thought of tearing apart this beautiful island and submerging its people is absolutely sickening. Enough of this gouging of a people and their island.

I am older now and will not be able to carry on the cause, yet I beg those of you who are young to halt this onslaught of money mongers. If you think for one moment that these crooks have your best interests in mind, you’d better think again.

Stop the blitz. I beg you, stop the blitz.

P. Bottomley

If you would not give up your National Park, why would you give up what’s left to be squandered? I feel the need to speak out.