2007 Festival Village Honoree: Camille “Juju” Paris

Camille “Juju” Paris



Local businessman and long-time St. John Festival supporter Camille “Juju” Paris has been chosen by the St. John Festival and Cultural Organization as the 2007 Festival Village honoree.


Paris, owner of Paris Car Rental, has been with the Festival and Cultural Organization for 10 years.


“Mr. Paris has held vice chair for seven years,” said Leona Smith of the Festival and Cultural Organization. “He selects the music for Festival Village. He has worked with the organization without compensation and has volunteered all his services.”


The Festival and Cultural Organization chose to honor Paris for his continued effort to entertain Festival-goers, explained the organization’s treasurer Natalie Thomas.

Festival Sponsor

“For the past several years, he’s been organizing the entertainment for the village, and he does a very good job at it,” said Thomas. “He is good with selecting the bands and deciding which nights they’ll play and what additional entertainment we’ll need.”


Paris is also being honored for sponsoring Festival events through his private business, explained Smith.


“He has sponsored different princess and queen show contestants,” said Smith. “We honor people who have given to the organization, and we in turn want to give back to them.”


Thomas praised Paris’ ability to organize entertainment at Festival Village.


“We’re honoring him for his dedication to the community and the Festival and Cultural Organization, and for his excellent organizational skills when it comes to providing entertainment nightly in our Festival Village,” said Thomas. “We think he does an excellent job of organizing the entertainment.”

“Part of Our Culture”

Paris, who was born on St. Thomas and raised on St. John, has fond memories of St. John Festival.


“I used to be part of a troupe, and I just enjoyed being in the parade,” said Paris. “I have lots of fun memories.”


For Paris, supporting St. John Festival is a part of living on St. John.


“It’s our carnival, and I just want to be a part of it,” said Paris. “I love the music, so I enjoy doing that part of it, and I think I do a pretty good job. I think Festival is part of our culture, and we should all be involved in it.”


Don’t miss the opening of Festival Village on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m., when the Village will be named in Paris’ honor — Parisville.