2018 St. John Festival Royalty Introduced in the Marketplace

Six young ladies were introduced Sunday at the Marketplace as the 2018 St. John Festival Royalty. The event was the contestant’s first appearance as the festival court and the first event of many in this year’s St. John Festival season.

After a dance routine, each contestant selected her competition number and had an opportunity to give a short introductory speech.

Difficulties imposed by the 2017 hurricane season will create changes to the operation of this year’s pageant. Rather than have two separate pageants – for Miss St. John Festival Queen and St. John Festival Princess – one joint pageant will be held at 6 p.m. June 16.

“This year we will have two shows for the price of one. We will make efforts to make sure the show flows well, so it will not be long. This will definitely be a show worth seeing,” said Pageant Committee Chairwoman Enid Doway.

Two young ladies will vie for the title of 2018 St. John Festival princess. Contestant No. 1 is Kyerah Gumbs, a fourth grader at Antilles School who made sure to open her speech with a “heartfelt Love City welcome.”

Promising an “array of shimmer, sugar, and spice” was Princess Contestant No. 2, A’mrii Jones, a fourth grader at the New Testament Academy. In her introduction, she shared with the audience that she hopes to someday become president of the United States.

Four young women will compete for the title of 2018 Miss St. John Festival queen. Contestant No. 1 is Steffany Caro-Rivers, an 18-year-old student of ACE Academy. She speaks three languages.

Contestant No. 2 is Jaleah Browne, an 11th grader at Ivanna Eudora Kean High School, who hopes to “dazzle the silver screen” in her future.

Contestant No. 3 is Nyiesha Somersall, a 12th grader also attending IEKHS. During her speech, she expressed the importance of love, family, and society after two Category 5 hurricanes.

Contestant No. 4 is Chenijah Dawson, a senior at Gifft Hill School, who discussed how the U.S. Virgin Islands embodies resilience.

The event also featured a dance routine from the Charming Twirlers Majorettes, and an opportunity for attendees to mix and mingle with the contestants.

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