A Big Thank You from the Bear-E-Fit!


We would like to thank everyone who donated, helped and patronized the benefit for Bear. It was a fantastic night and a whole lot of fun! We have raised about $7,000 so far and are still receiving donations. If you would like to donate toward helping fix Bear’s “paw,” please contact Alicia at 340-514-3069 or Damara at 340-643-7208.

A special THANK YOU to Michael and Barbie for lending us the Gecko Gazebo for the night and also to Mark Wallace for entertaining everyone so wonderfully.

Bear is currently enduring 15 degree weather in Minnesota, but he has his family around him for support. He will be having tests and seeing specialists this week and we will keep you updated on his progress. He wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone and to tell you how much he appreciates all that you have done and that this is why he misses the island so much.

Thank you everyone, once again and keep Bear in your prayers. Here’s wishing him a speedy return to the island that loves him.