“A Mayan Feed” Is Theme for 12th Annual Thankspiggin’ November 22 at Skinny Legs


Get ready for a feast for ages!

Ken Yolman is hosting the 12th Annual Thankspiggin’ feed on Thursday, November 22,  at Skinny Legs in Coral Bay.

This year’s theme is “Mayan Feed,” which Yolman explained does not mean the end of the world.

“It’s about the end of the old and the beginning of the new,” he said.

The menu will feature a 100-pound roasted pig, plenty of turkeys and even a few alligators. Attendees are asked to bring along their favorite dish to share, which will be included in the buffet for all to enjoy.

Residents should also bring along their favorite beverages to wash down all that food. Musicians are welcome to bring along their acoustic instruments as well.

Dinner is served at 4 p.m., yet previous Thankspiggins have drawn about 200 people and this year should be no different. So get there early and enjoy a full day of community and fun.

Skinny Legs is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but the restaurant has been the venue for Thankspiggin for the past decade — ever since the annual gathering outgrew Yolman’s Coral Bay home.

“Twelve years ago, I started hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my house for people who didn’t really have anywhere to go,” said Yolman, a local architect who owns Coral Bay Design Build. “I had it there for two years and then there were just too many people, so we moved it over to Skinny Legs.”

Two years ago, Yolman vowed it would be his final time hosting the popular annual event. The uproar which ensued, however, caused him to have a change of heart.

“I said I was going to stop because it was the 10th annual Thankspiggin,” said Yolman. “But I got so much crap from so many people, we ended up putting a committee together to host it last year. That got pretty complicated though, so I’m back hosting it this year.”

To help offset the cost, however, Yolman is asking for a $100 donation from 25 sponsors. It’s not too late to pitch in; just call Coral Bay Design Build at 779-7445. There are also T-shirts for sale, for $20, featuring this year’s “Mayan Feed” theme which will also help support Thankspiggin.

While the event is time consuming, in the end, it’s all about community, Yolman explained.

“I love doing Thankspiggin,” he said. “It’s just one day a year and I really look forward to it. There’s always a lot of good food and it’s a lot of fun.”

“It’s a big community gathering and everyone is invited,” Yolman said. “Just bring something to share and come on out and join us.”