A New Cruelty Comes to St. John


While grocery shopping yesterday, I noted that Starfish Market is now selling a new and extremely cruel product called Mouse Glue Board. A piece of cardboard coated in super adhesive glues a living mouse permanently for however many days or weeks it takes for her to die of terror and starvation. A mouse is a sentient creature who feels fear and pain. National humane organizations are decrying this latest product — cheap to produce — that brings such extreme suffering to living creatures. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is attempting to alert consumers to this fiendish device.
Please immediately request the manager of Starfish market to withdraw this product.
There is a humane solution to the mouse “problem.” My husband and I discovered that the home we bought in St. John 16 years ago had a persistent colony of cockroaches inhabiting the kitchen. Our son-in-law, who is a hospital administrator in New Hampshire, visited us and brought a device he uses to eliminate roaches and mice in his hospital. It’s a small — approximately 2” by 4” device — that emits high-frequency sound waves intolerable to roaches and mice. Humans cannot hear it. Apparently our cats can’t either. It plugs into any electrical outlet. Our current “pestolator” has lasted five years. At first the roaches moved away from the kitchen and soon afterwards out of the house. Last week I saw a little mouse run into the kitchen from outdoors and turn quickly around and run out.

Dr. Elaine Campbell