Resident Provides Update on Property Tax Problem


A quick follow-up to my property tax revaluation letter last week.
My house was re-inspected. The inspector refused to accept that the original data was incorrect in any way. He refused to look at the building plans and a sketch I made showing the building outline and the correct dimensions. He asked me twice more how many kitchens I had, since they are apparently still insisting I own a two-family duplex. He asked me four times what permits I had, and I gave the same answer each time. Building, electric, plumbing, and CZM.
As of today, there have been no changes to the database. I still allegedly own a 2,022 square foot two-family duplex with three total rooms. Imagine that — each room must be close to 700 square feet! So I sent another certified letter to Office of The Tax Assessor, No. 18 Kongens Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802, with minutes of our meeting, a copy of the sketch, and the correct measurements. Since the inspector told me that he was not going to change the evaluation (then why do a re-inspection?), I expected to see no changes.
Again, I urge people with ongoing problems to document them with a certified letter to the Tax Assessor Office. At the very least you will officially be on record with them as disagreeing with the strange evaluation. I expect this to come in handy in the future.

Gerry Hills
Upper Carolina