ACC Accused of Refusing to Give Pets Back

To Those Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I have been done a great injustice here on St. John.

First we were forcibly moved from where we lived by means of a backhoe without a court order, land leveled flat with no CZM or change permits, our dog (protection), our Russian blue cat and kittens, our sheep, our goats taken from us. Our tent, our food, our clothing, our dinghys, our snorkel gear, our tools, every means to make an honest dollar taken from us, just before Carnival, just at the start of hurricane season.

And now the ACC, who we volunteered our complete days for both Earth Day and Wagapalooza, refused to give us back our pets (our family/our children).

I got my goats back from the A.G. Dept., but it cost me $150 and they kept my sheep. All were wormed, all were fed, all were healthy. The ACC gave us back our calico cat after she’d been spayed (no problem). They gave us back our male Russian blue adult cat unnuetered with the understanding that if they relinquished my male cat, they get to keep the kittens. We never agreed to that.

We bred these blue kittens specifically for the T-shirt design for Blues Fest 2008. These are the “Blue Cats.”

All our pets (children) are taken care of regularly by Dr. Jan Perkins, our vet. The ACC took “Zeus” our dog, our yard protection. Now, without our protection, my 60 pound white female Nubian goat was stolen out of our pen. Now everything else we own, that we now work hard for on a daily basis is at stake.

To the police? That’s a joke. They helped evict us. There is no justice here on St. John. Poor people and homeless people are constantly being pushed around, taken advantage of, being exploited, and not even given a chance to get back on their feet.

Heads are about to spin, for, I’ve got rights too, just as everyone else. Now I ask you people of St. John who support the ACC that you all get together to get my animals back. I’ve already been told that the shelter manager who despises me has already adopted out one of my blue kittens.

If I don’t get my dog or kittens back, I’ll get another dog for protection and I’ll breed endless Siamese and Russian blue kittens and advertise “kittens to good home.”

If the ACC refuses you a kitten, call me at 693-CATS and I will make sure you have a beautiful kitten checked by Dr. Jan Perkins. I will see to it that everybody and anybody can have a kitten.

Andy and Carol Greaux