St. John Deputy Police Chief Foy Targets Traffic, Community Relations

Traffic violators beware, recently-appointed V.I. Police Department St. John Deputy Chief Darren Foy will focus on roadway safety as his first initiative.

“I want the public to know that I will be working on traffic violations,” said Foy. “I want to make sure that everyone is heeding the traffic regulations in terms of speed, tint limitations and seat belts.”

Although Foy declined to comment on the ongoing investigation of the recent murder of James Cockayne in Cruz Bay, he offered his assistance to anyone with information.

“Basically there is still an ongoing investigation and officers are working diligently to solve that homicide,” said the St. John Deputy Chief. “Anyone with information who doesn’t want to call and speak to anyone in particular, can call me. I have worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the last nine years and I have a strong belief in confidentiality.”

Last week’s Fourth of July festivities were the St. Thomas resident’s first taste of St. John Festival and he had a blast.

“It was my first carnival here and I found it to be very exciting,” Foy said. “The parade was very colorful and there were a lot more people at J’ouvert than I expected. But there were no incidents.”

Extensive Experience
With both extensive FBI experience and a background working on violent crimes, Foy brings professionalism to the top Love City police position.   

“I learned integrity, knowledge and deference to professionalism from my years with the FBI,” said Foy. “My background in violent crimes is another asset I bring to the job.”

Bridging the gap between citizens and the police force is another of Foy’s top priorities.

“The public can be more police friendly,” the VIPD St. John Deputy Chief said. “I know there is a gap between the general public and the Police Department. I want to change that and make it where a citizen can feel free to talk to an officer.”

“The public needs to assist the Police Department whenever they can,” Foy continued. “I am a believer in community oriented policing, where officers and the community work together.”

The new deputy chief was drawn to law enforcement right out of high school.

“When I was graduating from high school I wanted a career that was challenging and exciting,” said Foy. “I wanted to be able to go to work and have something exciting to do. I thought law enforcement was the perfect thing and it was.”

All these years later, crime fighting remains a passion for the 38-year-old Puerto Rico-native.

“I enjoy interacting with people,” Foy said. “I like crime fighting and being a public servant.”

Foy also has a number of other initiatives in the cooker, but declined to comment on specifics.

“I have some initiatives, but I won’t divulge those at this time,” he said.

In the meantime, residents should know that Foy is happy to be leading the St. John police force.

“I’d like to tell the general public of St. John that I am glad to be aboard,” said Foy. “I am here to help and to fight crime to the best of abilities. If anyone has any concerns they can call me at the Leander Jurgen Command and I’ll try to assist any problem they have.”

The Leander Jurgen Command phone number is 693-8880.