ACC To Host First Annual Flea Market Fundraiser October 20

Animals and “fleas” will join together for a good cause on Saturday, October 20, when the Animal Care Center will host its first annual fundraiser of a different kind, the “No Fleas, Please Flea Market” beginning at 10 a.m.

The flea market will join other annual ACC events including Wagapalooza and Christmas for the Animals, all aimed at raising money for the island’s only animal shelter.

“We don’t want to be in the situation we were in a couple years ago, where we had to close our doors,” said ACC board member Bonny Corbeil. “So, we’re constantly trying to take a look at what our funds are and what we need. Quite simply put, we need a lot more funding than what we have.”

The ACC planned the flea market in an effort to provide residents a place to meet and exchange goods, all while supporting the local animal shelter.

Involving Community in Animal Care
“We’re really excited because we’d like it to become an annual event,” said ACC board member B.J. Harris. “Obviously, the ACC is funded by contributions from the community, so it’s another fun way to generate money to run the shelter, and it’s also a great way to get the community involved in the concept of animal care. It’s going to be a blast.”

Several local businesses, including the Westin Resort and Caneel Bay Resort are already on board. Both resorts and other local shops will offer items for sale at the flea market, and ACC board members hope villa owners step up to the plate to contribute as well.

“This time of year, villas go through a lot of stuff that has to be replaced, which is actually great stuff for us,” said Corbeil.

“We’re hoping that villa managers and owners will clear out their store rooms of old stuff and maybe villas just coming on the market will come pick up some stuff,” Harris added.

The ACC is not accepting clothing donations for the flea market, however, residents will have the opportunity to rent a space at the flea market to set up their own clothing sale, explained Harris.

“We’re not taking donations of used clothing, but we’ll be renting out parking spaces for people who want to clean out their closets,” she said. “They can fill their car and bring it right down.”

Possible $5,000 Donation
Donations of items other than clothing should be brought to the ACC, located in Cruz Bay next to the Elaine I. Sprauve Library. The local animal shelter also needs volunteers to help out the day of the sale with manning the tables and sorting donated items.

“We cannot do this alone,” said Corbeil. “I know people care about animals on this island, and we need more people to step up to the plate and help. If there’s anything I’d like people to know, it’s that we really need their involvement, and here’s a perfect way to come down and have some fun.”

Residents will also have the opportunity at the flea market to sign up to become members of the ACC, Corbeil added.

In addition to kicking off the first annual flea market, the ACC has been presented with another unique funding challenge. An anonymous donor who lives off-island has agreed to give up to $5,000 to the shelter, provided a community member or group steps up to the plate to match the donation.

To find out more about the flea market or to match the anonymous donation, call the ACC at 774-1625, or Harris at 513-4670.