Animal Cruelty Investigator Looks Into Dead Chickens at Sandy Point

The V.I. Police Department is investigating a case of animal cruelty after several chickens were found dead Saturday in the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge.

The 911 emergency call center dispatched the VIPD Animal Cruelty investigator to the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge in Frederiksted regarding several dead chickens.

The investigation revealed that a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service employee discovered four chickens tied from their feet to tree branches. Three were dead and one was still alive. The chickens appeared to be roosters that were used for sport fighting, and were left to die.

The VIPD Animal Cruelty Investigator is seeking any information regarding the incident, or anyone who might have had their chickens stolen in the past weeks, to contact 911, Detective Daniel Rodriguez at 340-473-6492, or the anonymous tip service, Crime Stoppers USVI, at 1-800-222-8477 (1-800-222-TIPS).