Anonymous Letter Defends Unnamed Alleged Property Owner

Dear Tradewinds Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your latest edition of the St. John Tradewinds dated March 6-12.

Let me begin with the front page, with all the newsworthy teasers that adorn your front page, why is there a picture of a private citizen’s gated private property?

How were you or your staff able to obtain an incredible photograph without trespassing?

I cannot begin to imagine how violated the owners of this property must feel.

Let’s move on to the alleged owner of this property, a man who obviously loves our island and our people. I have been fortunate on numerous occasions to see this gentleman, along with several other world-class musicians perform free, that’s right, free concerts for anyone to see at numerous venues.

Can you imagine the economic boost these venues received? Why would somebody like him do that? Could it be, he wanted to thank us for respecting his privacy?

I imagine that if one would look hard and long enough, one would find severable sizable yet anonymous donations to numerous island charities.

There was a time not long ago here on St. John, when you were accepted for who you were, not what your name was, just the person that you were and amazingly enough the Tradewinds newspaper still found articles to write about.

The so-called rich and famous have been living on, or visiting our beautiful island for a number of years and are an integral part of our economy. They invest in real estate, frequent our hotels, patronize our restaurants and bars, and employ local people.

Well dear editor, congratulations to you and your staff for obtaining the supermarket tabloid status, which you so dearly coveted. Please keep up the good work, because I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the National Enquirer or the Star tabloid want to purchase your publication.

That would certainly be a bonus for you, because once all the people, whose privacy you’re violating move away from this island there won’t be anybody to buy your tabloid.

With all due respect to your First Amendment rights, your obvious lack of integrity and respect for people’s privacy forces me to remain anonymous.

Publisher’s Note:
The photograph in question of a parcel of land overlooking the north shore of St. John was taken in 2004 by St. John Tradewinds. Access to the property, which was not “gated” at that time, was with the permission of the then-owner.