“Concerned Resident” Refuses To Buy Tradewinds

Dear Editor:

In regards to the Article that was written regarding the $11M lot in Upper Peter Bay, I’m ashamed and embarrassed for you.

I refuse to buy Tradewinds and will encourage others to not purchase your paper. I know of a handful of people who went around buying every copy of Tradewinds because they wanted to protect the privacy of the rumored owner. I asked them to stop supporting your cause, because I believe you will just print more, and they have. If you were excited to have sold hundreds of copies of Tradewinds in the first day, don’t be, they are now all in my truck and soon to be in the dump where they belong.

It’s sad that the Tradewinds is more of a gossip column than a newspaper. Maybe you could team up with the Virgin Verve.

I am involved with the Friends of the National Park, keep in touch with the happenings of the St. John Revolving Fund, and have volunteered in several fundraisers benefiting the St. John Sprauve School, Pine Peace School, and the Coral Bay School. Every time, and I mean everytime, we’ve ever asked this man for a donation he is responded immediately and lucratively.

You’re article is directly attacking the same man that has come to help St. John over and over again. How could you. You are putting all of our fund raising efforts at risk of loosing a repetitive, lucrative donator. Why should he help an island that stabs him in the back?

So next time you think of writing an article that is more gossip than news, you may want to consider what harm you are bringing to the whole island of St. John.

A Concerned Resident of St. John