Another Example of Animal Cruelty


The other day I was at the gas station across the street from the Pine Peace area basketball courts. I observed a group of kids there, one of them climbing up a tree (I assumed it was to get the genips on the far ends of the branches). As I was concerned the boy might fall and need some assistance, I continued to watch the activity. What he was actually doing was hitting at an iguana on the branch until it fell from the tree to the asphalt basketball court.

The group of kids (eight or 10) started to chase the iguana, which was basically trapped on the court because of the knee-high wall that surrounds the area. The kids herded it, throwing rocks, coconuts, sticks, etc. at it all along the way. They went around a corner, and were out of my sight for a few moments. I was cheering on the iguana, and hoped it had found an open spot to escape his/her tormenters.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, one of the bigger kids came back around the corner holding the iguana high in triumph. The conquering hunter returns! The other kids following in his wake, laughing and cheering. Then this kid hurled the iguana through the air onto the hard surface of the basketball court, and they all once again started chasing it and throwing rocks and things at it, I suppose to eventually kill it.

All this time, two grown women (perhaps mothers of some of these kids?) were sitting in the bleachers, chatting. I’m sure they must’ve seen and heard everything I did. Why didn’t they stop the senseless torture of this creature? Oh, that’s right… “Mind your business.” Well, I certainly don’t believe that’s the right way to be. If someone is doing wrong, it’s our business as residents of this community to speak up. A lot of really bad things have been happening because too many people don’t.

Anyway, after I had finished pumping my gas, I drove around to the back of the court and hollered at the kids to leave the iguana alone. They laughed and scattered — I could tell they knew what they were doing was wrong. I have no idea what became of the iguana. I hope he got away, but something tells me these kids hurt it badly enough that they were able to resume their “play” after I left.

Just another example of how some kids today are so desensitized to violence that it becomes a part of their entertainment to torture and hurt an innocent animal. Some of these kids will grow up to become violent criminals, spouse and child abusers, and worse. They start with small defenseless animals, and then turn to innocent, defenseless human beings when that thrill is no longer enough.

I don’t know who the kids were — if I did I would try to get their parents to talk to them. I’m sure the women in the bleachers knew at least some of them. However, I doubt if they will say anything to the kids or their parents.

I pray for this island, our country and the world.

Name Witheld by Request