“Grasshopper” Pickering Mourns Jon Lucien

Greeting V.I. Family,

I’m saddened to hear of the untimely passing of one of our greatest musical geniuses from the Virgin Islands. Jon Lucien will surely be missed. I must admit that my focus in the field of reggae music had kept me in the dark concerning his musical achievements. I had loved hearing him wake me each morning on Addie Ottley’s morning show singing “Beyond the Blue Horizon” but it was in Puerto Rico as we performed a concert series all over the island that his voice stood out between commercials in a Duracell ad. I asked the promoter and it was confirmed. The voice I was hearing was that of Jon.

A few years later, I was asked to set up PA and mix a show he was doing at the Westin in St. John. He truly was a work of art! He infused the audience with many of his hits and for someone like me who had never heard his stuff prior, it was refreshing good! He was a great keyboardist to some but for me the highlight of the evening was when he took hold of the bass. He played the bass like no one I had heard before nor since that night! He was and still is the best bass player I’ve heard to date. His execution, delivery, and tones set him in a class all by himself and then there was his voice! The deep rich baritone was unmistakably exceptional! He will be missed!

As a Virgin Islander and a traveling performer as well with Inner Visions Reggae Band, I know how he must have had home on his mind whenever he traveled abroad too! I know I do!

So I’m sure now that he is in his transition into the next dimension (if it is possible), he’ll be traveling with the loving memory of his beloved islands and their people.

To his family, friends and loving fans I say stay strong and focused! The Creator is the pilot of this ship and he knows when and where we get on and off. Tomorrow has not been promised to anyone but his love for us has! If we know this, then we also know with his love anything is possible. If you exercise this then you know you’ll see Jon again! In the meantime may your hearts find the peace they need to get through these troubled times! God bless you!



P.S. Keep your head to the sky but every once in a while look down — you just might be trampling someone!