Armed Duo Rob Skinny Legs, Customers

The popular Coral Bay bar and restaurant, above, was the scene of the first St. John armed robbery of 2006.

Two armed men robbed Skinny Legs in Coral Bay around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 3. There were two employees behind the bar, three locals seated at the bar and six tourists seated at tables in the open air restaurant when the robbery occurred. No one was injured during the incident.

The two men entered and exited the popular bar and restaurant through the back steps, each holding a hand gun, according to a witness.

One of the men was described as about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and the other was about 6 feet tall. Both had West Indian accents. They were covered from head to toe in dark clothes. One had a hooded sweatshirt and a handkerchief covering his face, with holes cut out for his eyes.

One of the men went behind the bar, took the money from the register, the bartender’s tips, as well as the carved wooden tip cup. The other perpetrator robbed the customers at the tables and at the bar.

“They were in and out within two minutes,” said the witness, who added that no vehicles were seen in the area. “Everyone remained calm and no one got hurt.”

Elude Police Patrol
The men made off with at least $1,000 from the register, according to V.I. Police Department Deputy Chief Angelo Hill.

“The two men left on foot and headed west, in the direction of the ballpark,” Hill said.

VIPD officers were patrolling the Coral Bay area that evening and had been at Skinny Legs less than 30 minutes before the robbery. They responded to the scene within a half hour.

“It’s just sad that people do this,” said Skinny Legs co-owner Moe Chabuz. “Fortunately, no one got hurt, but unfortunately, someone is going to get hurt.”