AT&T Wireless’ Poor Relation and a Solution


A few months ago my lousy AT&T service at home was replaced by no service at all, and a greeting from BVI’s bMobile stating “outgoing and international calls are not authorized.”

At first, I did nothing and thought it would just pass. What was I thinking? So, I started speaking with other people, and found this was happening in many places on the island. After many calls I finally spoke to a support technician who told me that AT&T is well aware of the problem and that there is an outstanding work order to fix the towers. Only problem, there’s no target date to get it completed. So in other words, that means it could take six months or more?  The technician sheepishly admitted “yes.”  

I asked if I could get a credit on my bill and was promptly granted one for $50. I told him I’d be calling back for an additional credit next month if service wasn’t restored, which he assured me would be authorized, no problem.

What I suggest is that everyone who is also experiencing this problem make the same call. You can reach AT&T Technical Support at 866-834-3318 to submit a complaint and request your first $50 credit. Perhaps they will only feel our frustration when they feel it in their wallets.

Susan De Bonis,
Coral Bay