Best To Get Project Finished

Letter to the Editor,

Being a resident of the Virgin Islands, I see no reason why the rezoning approval of Sirenusa is creating such an uproar. It is creating many jobs for the local Virgin Islanders who desperately need work or would need to move or travel elsewhere for employment opportunities.

Many persons and groups who are against the project seem undefined in what they want, other than to disrupt or halt this project and any other development. I think the best thing is to get the project finished.

Walking the site firsthand and seeing the creation of the buildings and finishes, I can personally say that this is a beautiful development and those who are opposing the development should walk the site before making assumptions without facts.

Worse are those who are swayed by public hearsay. Instead of the negative we should try to bring out the positive aspects that will come from this residential project like permanent future businesses and jobs.

Samuel Harris