Sirenusa Neighbor Supports Development

Dear Editor:

I am an immediate neighbor to the project (Sirenusa) and not opposed to the rezoning, just to the continued impeding of progress to get the project finished by the St. John Coalition and other activist groups that reflect the views of the minority.

It seems that Sirenusa needs to put the past behind them, push on, and get the project finished. The neighbors will appreciate completion, then and only then, the benefits of the project can be clearly seen and all the ancillary objections to the project will become moot points.

The infrastructure on St. John will need to be beefed up, not to the extent most think. The run-off water issue from the site is being addressed, but the site is large and will take additional planning. The remaining excavation should be complete soon and quiet will once again be restored.

It is amazing that those who never spoke out prior to the permitting process are the same complaining about dump trucks blocking roads the development has improved and has hired to work on or has benefited in some capacity.  
Let’s move on for the good of everyone and make this the peaceful little paradise it used to be.

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Van Sickle
Estate Enighed
St. John, V.I.