Bob Sells “Is Definitely Not a Racist”

Dear Judge Hollar,

Hello, my name is Raina Stevens. I am half black and half white. So, I have views from both sides.

And I’ve know Robert Sells for my whole life and he has been nothing but nice to me. So why would he suddenly become racist? He wouldn’t. I’ve gone by his store (when he still had it) and asked him for money, cameras, anything I wanted and he would always give it to me or give it to me cheaper. He is very nice and doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He is definitely not a racist.

He has included me and my brothers in many of the activities that he does, like fishing. Also, he took us on boats and went to different beaches and places. He paid for everything and was super fun and kind. Robert Sells has a certain amount of happiness and joy and seems to share it with people most of the time.

Raina Stevens