“Bob Sells Is Not a Racist”

Dear Judge Hollar,

First, I would like to start off by stating Bob Sells is not a racist. Bob Sells has done nothing but been extremely generous and kind to my family and me.

Some days ago, when I still lived in St. John, I was short a few bucks to get something to eat. He gladly helped me out. When I was a kid I used to sleep over at his house once in a while to hang out with his two boys.

Also, whenever I had my birthdays, Bob Sells would always be present and would not only glow in his happiness but would make others glow as well. We also went to the beach once. All I did was simply ask him and he dropped what he was doing and off we went.

Another example is more recently Bob Sells spent Easter day with us and he even hid the eggs for us to find. These are small examples of what Bob Sells has done with me and how he is always just so warm and joyful around me.

So I state it again, Bob Sells is not a racist.

Juma Stevens

I am 14 years old and African American. I was born and raised on St. John.