Boyson, Inc. Updates Customers on Mister B Situation


The Management and staff of Boyson, Inc. would like to thank our customers, families and friends for their continued patronage, prayers and support. We are aware that the past two months have been “trying” for the customers and residents traveling between St. Thomas and St. John.

Boyson Inc. was happy to receive the company’s newest vessel to the fleet, the M/V Mister B and we are very proud of our accomplishments. After the construction of the vessel and all inspections were over, we waited approximately three and a half weeks to receive the necessary documents for Certification. Eventually we were given a temporary certificate to make the voyage home with the understanding that the one final document needed for operation would be in the Virgin Islands upon our arrival or shortly thereafter.

We arrived in the Virgin Islands and sat another three weeks before we received documents indicating the Mister B can only carry approximately one truck and five cars. Apparently there are some concerns that the regulating agencies seem to have with some areas within this vessel. It was not until the arrival of the vessel in the Virgin Islands that we became aware that there were any concerns. In 1992 we commissioned the construction of the M/V General and a few years later the construction of the General II. They arrived in the Virgin Islands and went directly to work without any problems, therefore prior to the commissioning of the Mister B, Boyson Inc. was well aware of the construction procedures.

The regulating agencies were contacted and plans were discussed to construct a vessel 136’ by 44’, being able to carry 490 to 500 long tons and 650 to 800 people for moonlight excursions. This vessel was inspected by several regulating agencies through each phase of the construction.

At no time prior to or during the construction of the Mister B and after its arrival in the Virgin Islands were we aware of any concerns. Our displeasure is with the waste of time and the manner in which the regulating agencies choose to relate vital information or guidelines to us.

The safety of this vessel, our customers, and our employees are of the highest priority to us and we welcome any and all procedures necessary to make the Mister B safe. Currently the Mister B is in Puerto Rico where we are working feverishly on what ever additional requirements the Coast Guard feels is needed before we can be certified for operation.

Hopefully the vessel will be back within a week or two. Again the safety of this vessel, our customers, family and friends are our first concern. Than you for your continued support, prayers and patronage.

Thank you,
Boyson, Inc. Management